The Children's Miracle Network Allocation Committee recently spent $1.2 million dollars on equipment, education pieces, special distractions and more for children's use at Christus Trinity Mother Frances Health System.

Mix 93-1 is proud to be a part of the Children's Miracle Network and is supported by you, our listeners. Donations from the annual radiothon are combined with donations from Miracle Balloon sales at Dairy Queen, Walmart and other locations, money from the annual CBS 19 telethon along with additional fund raising dollars throughout the year to equal the $1.2 million dollars. I am proud to say that I am a member of the allocation committee and I am able to see first hand where that money goes and how it gets spent to help improve the lives of East Texas children.

It was a daunting task to spend the money though! The annual board meeting starts with individual hospital departments and clinics addressing the board members and pleading their cases and letting us know what equipment they need for their department in order to give their patients the best care possible and in many cases better care thanks to technology. Once each department has addressed the board we realize the departments, collectively, was seeking $1.5 million dollars in support from the Children's Miracle Network and then it was time for the committee to cut a little more than $300,000 out of the department requests.

Some cuts were easier than others and in many cases we were able to give the departments or clinics what they wanted but in fewer amounts. Each year during the Mix With Kids Children's Miracle Network Radiothon I stress how important it is to give and how each and every dollar stays here locally and doesn't go off to support the hospital bottom line. Every dollar is spent on East Texas children - from the $20 bicycle helmet for the helmet program at the Winnsboro Clinic to the $115,000 ultrasound pediatric echo unit for the neonatal intensive care unit - every dollar stays here in East Texas and benefits East Texas families, not only in Tyler but in Jacksonville, Rusk, Winnsboro and the many clinics throughout East Texas.

This is a process I am very proud to be a part of and thanks to your support of the Children's Miracle Network each year, we are able to provide this type of life saving equipment and education to families that need it when they least expect it.

You can continue to provide for the children of East Texas because it's that time! Time for the Mix With Kid's Children's Miracle Network Radiothon on Mix 93-1! This years' radiothon is coming up next Thursday and Friday (August 18th & 19th). You can make a one time donation or become a Mix Miracle Maker and give the gift all year long and we'll be introducing you to some very special miracle children and miracle families from right here in East Texas this year!