Chris Medina reduced Jennifer Lopez to tears on American Idol last week after she, Randy and Steven cut him from the competition.  He did not make it as one of the Top 24 for this season, however, that doesn't stop him from releasing a single!

Chris is the first ever American Idol contestant to release a song while the show is still going!  He debuted the song last Thursday and even released a video for it on Friday.

See the video after the jump.

The song was written especially for Chris by producer Rodney Jerkins after being touched by his story.

Chris also hopes to continue to pursue music.  He says he got a boost of confidence when one of his favorite bands, The Script, gave him a personal shout-out after he sang their song at his audition.  He's not even that upset about being cut from the show -- he knows his voice wasn't as strong as the other contestants.  And he's fine with the way Jennifer Lopez broke the news to him, even though it caused her to break down and cry.

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