Lady Gaga's nails have become part of her persona. They might be painted black, they might be extra long, they might be pointy and sharp. But they will be SOMETHING. They won't be boring, filed off, and plain.

If the rest of us don't want to venture as far out on that limb as Gaga (after all we don't have a stage to perform on, and we might look funny at school or at the office), what IS a good color for fall for us?

Kelly Clarkson wore this hot new color at the CMA's last week. It looked great, but it's not a very appetizing color and it may make you a little squeamish as you're lifting that salad fork at lunch.

A hot new buzz color this fall for nail polish is Oxblood. It's dark, but it's lighter than black. The color is just like it sounds - a brownish-reddish shade of blood that for whatever reason looks stunning on a woman's nails, and is quickly catching on as one of the hottest colors of the fall. E! picked up on the trend and other sites have mentioned it too.

It is a nice color, especially when paired with dark sequins, and rich, warm fall-colored sweaters and dresses. And it may be a great diet incentive too since fingers covered in Oxblood make food a little less appetizing.

Just thought I'd pass it along. There's a conversation starter for your holiday parties!