The City of Rusk will be hosting their annual National night tomorrow (October 2nd) and residents throughout Rusk will be out in their very own neighborhoods getting to know who lives next door and down the street from them as they participate in National Night Out to show support against crime.  Neighborhood associations are coordinating their events with local authorities for this 29th annual event.  The national event was held this past August, but here in Texas we do things a little differently, because it is so hot in August, Texas holds its night out event in October.

Similar events are planned tomorrow night for:

Palestine - city wide rally at Reagan Park - 5:30p - 8:00p
Mount Pleasant - city wide beginning at 6p.
Tyler - city wide and neighborhood specific

Longview will hold a similar event on Tuesday, October 9th.

Check with your local law enforcement office or city hall to find out when your National Night Out event will be held.

The National Night Out event is a year long community building campaign that's designed to highlight crime prevention awareness, strengthen neighborhood spirit, partnership and cooperation among the neighbors and local law enforcement and finally to send a message to criminals letting them know crime is not accepted in the neighborhoods and residents are fighting back on crime.

Contact your local law enforcement office to find out locations for local block party organizations in your neighborhood.