Looks like Facebook strikes yet again! This time for a teenager who thought it would be amusing to fake her suicide for her entire social media peers to see. On the Facebook page, a 12 year old girl suffered from the loss of her mother, abuse from her father, bullied by her peers, then commits suicide. 15 Year old Jessica Barba created the phony story and Facebook page claiming it was a “project” she was doing for school.The school officials were very upset with Barba and presented her with printed screenshots of the page after concerned parents viewed the video on the page.

The teen was suspended from school for an entire school week. After the suspension, the teen was upset along with her mother. Then even went on the TODAY show with Matt Lauer expressing that she was wrongfully suspended because the Facebook video contained disclaimers that this was in fact all fabricated.

Babrba says she was only trying to make a good point and show the dangers of bullying:

“I hope the school realizes this is wrong because all I wanted to do was highlight an important issue,” said Barba. “Maybe this video will make a difference in the way kids see things.”

Watch the phony Facebook video:

Do you think the school was wrong for suspending the teen or not?

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