Brookshire's Firefighter Combat Challenge starts this afternoon in Tyler and continues Saturday. What a perfect opportunity to to turn out and cheer on those beefy firefighting guys! And gals too. Thanks for the good work and great skills.

As we mentioned last week, there are some public names in this competition that you might recognize.

This firefighter fitness competition simulates job-related obstacles, like maneuvering the big fire hose and dragging a dummy, and even beating a huge beam with an 8-pound mallet.

There's a public category that's going to feature names you may be familiar with - Tyler City Manager Mark McDaniel and Tyler Morning Telegraph Publisher Nelson Clyde. They're both part of the Fit City challenge, and they'll be part of the firefighter combat challenge too.

The public competition will be tomorrow morning in the south parking lot at Broadway Square Mall, 4601 S. Broadway Avenue.

There are about 200 competitors in all, so perhaps you'll even recognize some people from your own circle of friends as they show off their skills. Good luck everybody!

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