Kristen Bell is the star of the hit show, Veronica Mars. You might already know her from this show or her numerous movies. But, have you really stopped to explore how dang cute she is? Here are five reasons why you should join the rest of America and fall in love with Kristen Bell. 

Kristen Bell seems almost like a normal American girl. Aside from her successful film and TV career, she could be mistaken as the average girl next door. Blonde and cute. She is engaged and recently had her first child. But, there is something special about America's sweetheart.

1. Her Sense of Humor

Bell is not afraid to go for a laugh. If this video doesn't prove that, nothing will. Who else in Hollywood would make such a joke at their own expense?

2. Twitter Expert

Her ability to make us laugh doesn't stop when she emerges from behind the camera. Her tweets are some of the funniest on the whole world wide web.


3. Sloth Love

Kristen Bell is OBSESSED with sloths. She even recently compared her 2-month-old daughter to the cuteness of a baby sloth. If this interview with Ellen doesn't make you love this lady...well, I give up.

4. Quick Wit

You will find Bell's obsession with sloths and funny attitude all over a recent game she played of "Would You Rather." You can tell all of this just from a couple of her answers.

"Would You Rather: Let all sloths go extinct on the proviso that you get to keep one who is immortal and will have full conversations with you, or allow all the sloths to live but you were never allowed to see one again either in person or in any other way?"
"This is a terrible/brilliant question. I'm feeling selfish. Guarantee me the ecosystem doesn't suffer because of lack of sloths, and that every current sloth gets to live out its natural dying days, and you've got yourself a deal. Now give me my talking sloth."

5. Look at Her

No, really just look at her. Don't try to lie and say that you don't like that face.

Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

Come on lets all bow down to the inevitable, we all are HUGE fans of Kristen Bell.