Thanks to Ashley Spence, a contributor to, I'm now hooked on playing 'Flappy Bird', the simple little game in which you have to get the bird to fly between a couple of pipes. After reading her story last week I was intrigued and downloaded the game from Google Play and began playing it over and over again.

If you haven't downloaded and played this game yet, unfortunately you're a little too late. The apps developer, Dong Nguyen, has caused an uproar among the games' fans and newcomers because he has pulled the app from both Google Play and the App Store. Before becoming unavailable, it was one of the top rated free apps to download and generating nearly $50,000 a day from advertisements. The decision to pull it from the stores was tweetedout Saturday,

Dong Nguyen Twitter

So if you're among the lucky ones, like I am, don't delete this little fun and addictive game because there's a chance you'll never get it back! If you've never played this game or want to see it in action, the next time you see me out on the streets just ask me and I'll let you play it for a while, but you'll have to give my phone back though in spite of being tempted to keep it because you'll quickly be addicted!