What would happen if you put together the hit song of the year, with the biggest artist of the year? Imagine if Taylor Swift had written 'Gangnam Style', would it have been the up beat dance song we all know and love? Probably not. We have a feeling it would be something just like this.

Instead of the typical flashy, crazy covers of the song, this version of 'Gangnam Style' is stripped down and acoustic. The two girls, Hope and Maggie, use a ukelele of all things and an acoustic guitar. The two harmonize beautifully and sing the words where you can actually understand them. Well, they're still singing in Korean so you can't really understand what they're saying, but you can hear the words. You get the picture.

The two girls have numerous covers of songs you would never think of singing. Their YouTube channel, WeSingHappySongs, is full of covers. They nail each and every one of them.