Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on the road and be a part of the show of a big time artist like Madonna?  If so, now you can thanks to a behind the scenes video that debuted on Madonna's YouTube channel this week.

In the video you can see how little time the dancers have between songs to change costumes, clothes and hair (usually 2 minutes or less) all while being underneath the massive MDNA tour stage.  You'll get to special access to sound checks, rehearsals and a couple of glimpses of Madonna's sons Rocco and David.  But don't view the video thinking it'll be an in depth interview about the tour with Madge herself, you'll only get to see a few seconds of her in a prayer circle before one of the shows.

Madonna will be here in the states in late August with her Dallas show is coming up Saturday, October 20th at the American Airlines Center.