Have you ever searched for your name on Google just to see what is out there about you? Any search through the internet's endless log of information can turn up some pretty weird things, but none ended quite like this. Look what I found when I searched my name on Google. 

Feeling a little lost for something to do at work, I decided to search my name on Google images today. What I found was kind of shocking.

Google Images

Wait, that is my name. But, I'm not dead. Or, am I?

After finding this grave marker with my full name, I started to have a parade of weird thoughts come to mind.

What if I am a ghost? Like, Sixth Sense ghost. I am walking around life going about as nothing is different, just waiting for M. Night Shyamalan to come around and give my that twist to let me know that I am dead.

What if I am a time traveller like the Doctor from Doctor Who? What if I landed here in my flux capacitor equipped target, but knocked my head on the landing. The head injury might have jolted my memory and now I only have a few days left to reverse what is going to cause my death.

What if I am a zombie? I do have a really hard time waking up some mornings, making me quite resemble a zombie.

Then, I realized how silly I was being.

I'm not dead or here from the future. There was once a woman who lived long ago with my name. Who is she? What was she like? Am I living up to the name and giving honor to the Nora Schreiber legacy?

I decided to do another Google search for this other Nora. But, this second search through the world wide web landed me no closer to this mystery first coming of Nora Schreiber.

I did find that she was buried in the Highland Cemetery in Great Falls, Montana.  That little of information and the date of her death being back before the internet; I am left with nothing but a curiosity for this other Nora.

I guess, I could drive to Greats Falls and start asking around. Maybe visit the grave. But, I doubt I would be any closer to finding out about this mystery woman that shares my name.

It makes you wonder who else is out there living at another time, dimension, or plane of existence that could be closely tied to you without you knowing.

In all seriousness though, it would have been a more interesting Halloween if I had discovered I was a ghost this whole time.