Choreographed wedding surprises are all the rage these days. Usually it's a father-daughter dance that breaks into a melody of dance hits; or sometimes it's the bride and groom breaking out into "I Like Big Butts". While all of those are entertaining, I don't think any compare to this one.

No matter how old you are, Justin Beiber is still cool. And if you are second to Justin in your lady's life, there is only one way to her heart -- through her Beiber bone of course! This groom and his groomsmen may have had to give up their man cards- but it definitely made that beautiful bride of his smile. The choreography and effort is admirable, and makes any and every Beiber girl raise their expectations of their future husband. Check it out.

Now, the Beibs himself caught wind of this and tweeted it to his bazillions of followers, one of them being me. He tweeted the link to the video along with this comment: "just got sent this. congrats Emily and Brain. nice song. nice moves. haha".

So there you have it fellas: dance to Justin Beiber, get him to tweet you, and get the girl. Everyone wins.