Gwen Stefani's solo career was a little longer than she expected.  Gwen released two solo albums but doesn't plan to produce any more.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly she says,

That was a moment in time.  It went on a little longer than we all thought it would, because it was inspired and you have to go with wherever you’re at in that time in your life … [But] everything works out how it should.”

Gwen is now focusing on her work with group No Doubt.  It's been about 10 years since they've collectively released an album and the band has been in the studio working on a new studio album for quite some time now and they plan to have a big announcement about it Friday!  Quite a bit has changed with No Doubt over their 10 year hiatus, especially in their family lives - the band has a staggering 9 kids between them all!

We'll keep ya posted on the No Doubt news.