Did you open google's homepage this morning like I did and I find a somewhat bizarre Google Interactive Doodle? If you mouseover over the doodle you'll discover that today is the 66th anniversary of the first UFO sighting in Roswell, NM.

As I do with most Google Doodles, I clicked on it to see what would happen. Not only was there a short little video, but Google invites you to play! I muted the game (probably not a good idea, because I think I missed something) and began directing the little alien guy around the ranch. I met a cow, found a rope, gathered flour, talked to a horse, rang a doorbell, climbed a tree (!) and still didn't finish building the saucer.

Lucky Larry made it farther than I did, but we've both been stumped.

How far did you make it, did you complete the saucer?

Sound off below.