Hey Girl, want to brighten up your web search?  Now you can indulge in looking at dreamy Ryan Gosling as opposed to your actual friends and family all over your Facebook page with the Hey Girl Chrome extension.

It's a beautiful thing if you're a fan of the adorable Ryan Gosling. The Chrome extension, with the click of an icon, will literally change all of the pictures on your web page to images of Ryan Gosling.

Whether you're reading the news, scrolling through Pinterest or Facebook stalking, you can now do so, surrounded by images of Ryan Gosling.




Wouldn't that make reading the news much more interesting?

Web developer Katherine Champagne created the app inspired by the Hey Girl memes seen originally on Tumblr in 2008.



While we're on the topic, if you haven't seen Crazy Stupid Love, then you missed this amazing drool-worthly scene:



Gosling discussed his abs with Access Hollywood here:



He stated in March that he's taking a break from acting, so until he gets back to work we'll just have to enjoy the creativity he inspires online.