After releasing details about ARTPOP on her Facebook page a couple of days ago, it appears as if a new track from Lady Gaga has leaked online in advance of the official single.

The clip that's been making its way around the internet is very raw to say the least. The quality is very poor and it's difficult to determine if its an actual Lady Gaga song. The song has a title of "Burqa" and according to BuzzFeed, the song has the following lyrics:

Let’s get it on, religious risky fashion/Let’s get it on, religious risky fashion/Put it on, wear that burqa all year long/all year long."

Give it a listen (if you can) and if the audio is legit, I'm sure it'll appear on ARTPOP, which Gaga announced she'd be releasing on Nov. 11 and it could be the first single, which is slated to be released Aug. 19.

After listening, let us know what you think. Do you really think it's Lady Gaga? What do you think about the song? Leave your comments in the section below!