Someone in the office this morning asked me if I thought 16 years old was too young to drive. Without hesitating, I answered "yes." Why? Because at 16 I had no business driving. I certainly didn't have the skills or maturity to be handling a 2,000-pound vehicle, that's for sure.

I passed the written driving test with no problem at all, but it was the actual driving part that I failed at -- miserably. I'll never forget the day my Dad took me to take my drivers test. Back in the day, you went to the DPS to take your test. To this day I'll never forget my Dad telling me to "not fail" my driving test. I would like to think he was kidding, but wow, talk about pressure.

As I watched the officer walk toward my car, I took a deep breath and thought "it's now or never." It was going pretty good until the dreaded "parallel" parking (thank goodness the DPS had enough sense to not have the student driver try to parallel park between two actual cars, but two bright orange cones instead). And then it happened, it was like everything was in slow motion, I hit one of the cones -- I failed! It was over.

Hanging my head down low, my Dad got in the car, and it was silence all the way home. I thought how humiliating. But the next week, I got the courage to try again. This time, success!

Then, two weeks later, I totaled my car.

So, if you ask me, 16 is too immature to drive. Driving takes practice, it takes maturity, it takes focus, and not many 16-year-olds have those qualities. It's not their fault, it's just they're 16.  At 16 you think about your friends, the opposite sex, trying to fit in with the crowd, you wonder what people think about you, you worry over pimples, and now teens have phones and texting. Trying to handle all that and drive -  no way.

One thing I have learned about 16-year-old girls these days, they don't really care about getting their drivers license. I find that odd. Now don't get me wrong, I was delighted that my daughter Chloe really wasn't set on getting her drivers license when she turned 16. She is now seventeen and she still hasn't even taken drivers education yet. Crazy right?

So what do you guys think? Should the age limit to get your drivers license be raised or not?