Now that summer is right around the corner, everyone and their brother has got to get their tresses right for the warm weather -- that includes Jonas Brothers too. Joe Jonas went so far as to shave his hair right off!

The middle Jo Bro posted a picture to his Instagram showing the progression of his hair cut with a caption that reads, "Oops." Some of his fans loved the new look but others commented with things like, "joe. wut are you duin. joe. stahp," and "oooh no, no Joe noooo!! what the hell did u do?!! omg :O." Can't please 'em all!

Joe also posted a Vine video to his major "oopsie" showing his haircut as it was a work in progress. We think it looks great, Joe! Then again, he could have a friar-type haircut and still look good.

When he isn't cutting his hair clean off, Joe Jonas is busy at work with his brothers Kevin and Nick on their fifth studio album, which is still untitled and does not have a release date. Kevin Jonas revealed why it's taking so darn long for fans to get new music. He said, "It wasn’t right where we wanted it to be. It wasn’t progressive enough. I think this record we wanted to take the time needed." We love 'Pom Poms,' but we wanna hear more! Get your shiz together JoBros!

Perhaps, Joe wanted a fresh new haircut to finally put a finish on the band's fresh new album.