When performing the national anthem at the Super Bowl this past February, Kelly Clarkson was nervous, not because she was performing it in front of a world wide audience, she was nervous because she was trying to impress a dude.

Kelly revealed that during a radio interview while overseas. She said that she's "completely [fallen] in love" with Brandon Blackstock and their first semi-date was at the Super Bowl.

Kelly goes on to say that she was talking with a friend about the performance and her friend said, "There's millions of people watching you and you're worried about one guy. She replied to her friend with, "Yep!  I was nervous 'cause I didn't want to suck in front of him!"

Kelly is also busy working on a new album, even though Stronger is not yet a year old. She continues to be on the road this summer with a joint tour with The Fray.  The duo will be in Thackerville, OK and in Austin in August.

Listen to the Kelly Clarkson U.K. radio interview below.