Having Cyndi Lauper introduce Kesha may be the most appropriate move the American Music Awards ever made. The eccentric superstars were made for one another!

The 'Warrior' singer rocked braids, a gold and black body suited emblazoned with pearls, black fishnets and knee-high black boots for the performance, a far cry from the softly stunning look she sported on the red carpet. Her own war paint was mild in comparison to that of her dancers, who were painted to look like tribal witch doctors.

Going along with the tribal cult theme she's used for a lot of her previous 'Die Young' performances, Kesha's vocals were on point despite the heavy choreography -- no small feat. (Take that haters!) Kesha and her Animal crew even had a dance breakdown mid performance, with the cannibal queen beating on drums like she was indeed going to die young -- like her very (crazy, beautiful) life depended on it.

Like Lauper, Kesha is so unusual. And it works beautifully for her.

Watch Kesha Perform at the 2012 American Music Awards