The Kardashian klan is not one to shy away from making sure the trout pouts are plastered across every publication known to mankind. Last week the news broke that Kimye are going to parents and now that Kim K. is going to be a mom has she finally found some sense of modesty? Recently the "Queen of Glam" was on a photo shoot in Miami, FL where she was covered, for the most part, by a cardigan not revealing any of her bumps front or back until she absolutely had to remove the giant coverup.

Getty Images

Earlier today Radar Online reported that Kimye have apparently turned down an offer from a publication to the tune of $3 million dollars to be the first to share the photos of the youngster. Taking these two recent changes in behavior has being pregnant made Kim have a change of heart about her normal camera and spotlight hogging self? Or maybe until she is more noticeably pregnant and wants to promote a new line of baby clothing for her stores.