At a time when gas prices are high, it's hard to drive all around town to hit up one garage sale to find nothing interesting, then drive another few miles to find another one and maybe have the same kind of luck and then hit the jackpot 25 miles away!  Now Mix 93-1 has your gas saving tip, shop the first ever Mix 93-1 Garage Sale at the East Texas Fair Grounds tomorrow!

The Mix 93-1 Garage Sale will feature a treasure of goods from more than 35 different families across East Texas.  Save gas and time and shop all of these garage sales under one roof.  You can find the Mix 93-1 Garage Sale at the East Texas Fairgrounds inside building E.  The garage sale will be open Saturday only from 7a to 4p with a $5 admission charge for adults.

Here's to finding that special treasure at the Mix 93-1 Garage Sale - because you know there's going to be something there just for you!