When you think of Nicki Minaj, you don't necessarily think of music for young ears. But her catchy tunes catch the ear of people of all ages. This little boy, for example, is a huge Nicki Minaj fan, and is just devastated that he isn't allowed to sing her songs.

All little Dustin wants to do is sing Nicki Minaj, and he just doesn't quite understand why he can't. His aunt found him like this and tries to figure out whats wrong with him, "I don't have a bloody nose," he exclaims "but I don't know why I can not sing that Nicki Minaj." He exclaims that he likes her music, and he wants to sing the clean version, not the bad version. His aunt tries and tries to get him to sing, but he just can't.

Lucky for Dustin and all of his new fans, there was a happy ending! Not soon after his heartbroken video, he got permission to sing 'Starships' - his favorite Nicki Minaj song! But not the bad version - the clean one of course.