Dear Mix 93-1 listener:

When I woke up this morning I didn't know that I would be writing you a letter like this, but as a listener of Mix 93-1 I wanted you to be the first to hear it and hear it from me and not through the rumor mill. I will be resigning as the Brand Manager and Mid-day host of Mix 93-1 effective Friday, November 30.

It was a tough decision to make and one that I wrestled with for quite a while. I have been on Mix 93-1 since the spring of 2006 and before that I was on Kiss 107 FM and Mix 107.3 here in Tyler.  Throughout the years, I have been met some very interesting people, hung out with thousands at various events and appearances and have had a great time giving things away - whether it was taking your guesses at the Hi-Lo Jackpot or the Secret Sound to the countless number of concert tickets and electronics I've given away, I've had a great time enriching the lives of East Texans.

East Texas will always have a special place in my heart as this is the place where I first got my start and have loved it ever since.  I met my wife here and had a daughter too.  Life changes in an instant and after stopping in Kidd Jones this afternoon to buy my Powerball Lottery ticket for tonight's $550 million lottery drawing, I'm assuming I'll be winning the $550 million (or a portion of it) and my life will be changing!

So, when I win the millions, I plan on traveling, hitting up several amusement parks and doing what I want for a while and I'm sure you'll understand.

Now don't worry, you'll still hear from me and my adventures and I'll be posting them on my Facebook page. Hopefully you've liked it by now, if not, jump over and click the like button and I'll let ya know what it's like being a multimillionaire!

Lucky Larry
Mid-days 10a-3p and Brand Manager Mix 93-1 KTYL-FM

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

(It's always important to have one of these) - this letter of resignation to you is for amusement only and just a thought that ran through my mind when I bought a multimillion dollar lottery ticket and what it would be like if I actually do win tonight's lottery and had to write a letter like this to you.  If I don't win tonight, please disregard this letter of resignation and life will go on as normal.

If you win the lottery, instead of me, what would your letter of resignation look like?

P.S.S. - I blocked my numbers on my ticket because I didn't want you to play my numbers too!  Sorry!