The Martin family of Lindale, TX have been on an incredible journey over the last several months. They have been encouraging each other to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. They have recently won the Body By Vi Famiy Weight Loss challenge for the month of October, and are now in the running for the National Championship.The winners will be announced live on stage in front of 10,000 - 15,000 people this Saturday morning in Atlanta Georgia. Each member of the Martin family have lost a substantial amount of weight led by John who has lost a staggering 100 pounds.



If the Martin family becomes the national champion they will receive an amazing transformation vacation to Southern California.Their story is incredibly inspiring - in fact it has helped inspire my own weight-loss. John's transformation has been incredible and was inspired his daughter Keri.


"My daughter Keri is responsible for inspiring me to do something as she was already losing weight and getting into shape. She cleaned everything out of our Kitchen that was white, or that had sugar or Gluten in it. So that Got my wife Jill motivated first. Then I didn't have much choice."


His wife, Jill has lost 40 pounds, daughter Ashley 38, son Sam 60 and daughter Keri has lost 70 pounds. Losing a combined total of 306 pounds has changed their lives.



"I can hardly begin to explain what this has done for us. Nothing is the same. Everything is totally different from the foods we eat to what we wear, to how we function. We have a totally different and wonderful life. At 51 years old, Jill and I are starting our young years all over again."