Jessica Biel has legally changed her last name to Timblerlake. Following her marriage to Justin Timberlake last October, she had always planned to change her name, but now it's official.

While it is normal for the average woman to accept her husband's last name, often times celebrities choose to keep their maiden names for pubilicity purposes. I stumbled onto an article by Lauren Duca this morning of The Huffington Post, criticizing Jessica's decision.

Read it here.

While I agree with Ms. Duca that names are an important piece of our identity. I question why she is so opposed to Jessica's decision. Celebrities are subjected to an incredible amount of scrutiny concerning so many aspects of their lives from what they wear, to where they eat and travel.

We even question their relationships. In fact, we probably criticize their relationships the most. Why should we question whether she changes her name. It's her name - it's her identity and her life. It should be her choice, and a happy one.