Over the past few years celebrities have been asked to be dates for formal dances and proms through video post invitations and some celebrities have agreed and gone to the dances with their fans. Now, it was only a matter of time until it happened to Miley Cyrus and the way she was asked to this high school prom resembles her "Wrecking Ball" video crossed with her performance at the MTV VMA's!

If Miley accepts Matt Peterson's proposal, this will not be the first time they've met. The first time they met was in 2009 at a Phoenix radio station, then she pointed him out in a concert crowd about six months later and now he says he wants to make more memories with her by asking her to his prom.

When he finally gets around to the big question and sets up like this, "Miley, will you..." but then says, "This just doesn't feel right." He snaps his fingers and then he's standing on a cliff wearing a tux surrounded by a heart made of roses while holding a rose. "This still doesn't feel right," he says again. He snaps his fingers once again, and the he's standing there in the same spot, except now he's naked, holding a bunch of roses and a giant foam finger over his private area. "Much better," he says. "Miley Cyrus, will you go to prom with me?"

Matt finishes off the video invitation with, "I promise you it'll be the best night of your life. And if you aren't the slow-dancing type, no worries, I go to public school and grinding is allowed!"

So far Miley hasn't responded to his request, but she has a while to answer though. Matt's prom isn't until May 3rd and he's hoping for an answer when her Bangerz Tour rolls into Phoenix on February 27th.