I am really surprised with my guessing abilities in the NCAA basketball tournament. I've said it before, I know nothing about college basketball, but apparently I'm a good guesser! Out of the 64 teams that entered the tournament, I have one remaining! Now, if my last remaining team can hang in there for the championship game and win, I'll be looking really good!

Things got messed up for me during the Elite 8 when Florida took down Michigan, and Syracuse took our Marquette and then there's Wichita State who messed up my West bracket from day 1! Oh well, I'm still betting on Louisville to take it all the way home!

Ok, here's me bragging now (because I can!) - looking at the leader board in the competition (with Mix listeners and other station air talent), I am tied for 4th place but I could end up in 11th place though, not bad for my first time though!  However, looking at the potential score, I could place as high as 6th place!  I know this all could change Saturday night if Louisville gets defeated.

The Final Four games are coming up Saturday (6th) and feature Louisville and Wichita State at 5:05p and then Michigan and Syracuse at 7:49p on CBS. The championship game will then be Monday (8th) on CBS. I'm hoping Louisville can hang in there for another game!