Tonight Nik Wallenda will attempt to walk a one-inch wire across Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls.  This will be the first time anyone has attempted to walk across the falls, and it will be broadcast at 8 p.m. tonight on ABC for the show, "Highwire Over Niagara Falls - Live!"

Nik, who comes from a family of daredevils, got his inspiration for attempting this very dangerous stunt is his grandfather, who was a part of the amazing "Flying Wallendas."

Nik normally walks the high wire with just his balance bar, but for this stunt, he will be strapped to a safety harness at the request of his sponsors.  So, we might see him slip during his walk, but it won't be to his possible death.

I've been to Niagara Falls and have seen its beauty, heard its loud roar and watched the millions of gallons of water go over the falls. I can't even imagine being out there over the falls on a one-inch wire just the thought of it freaks me out!

I wish Nik a lot of luck tonight because I know being up there on that wire isn't going to be like a normal high-wire walking routine because of the roar of the water, the mist in the air and not to mention he's doing it in the dark (but I'm sure it'll be some what lit because of TV).

The show gets underway at 8 p.m., but will be preceded by the special Countdown To Niagara:  The Greatest Megastunts Of All Times.

Watch some of Nik's previous high-wire walking stunts.