What About Kabob, Facebook

What About Kabob is one of my favorite eateries of all time. Supporting local businesses is an important activity for our economy. What About Kabob makes giving this support so easy and delicious. If you haven't eaten there yet, you are missing out. 

Kabobs, fries, and hummus are just a short list of the treats this hip and fun restaurant offers. With a friendly and inviting atmosphere, good music, and of course great food, this spot is a happening place most any time of the day. Aren't you tired of missing out on all that Kabob can offer?


The O.G. and Philly cheese wraps are my two favorites. Paired with either their homemade hummus and pita chips or their amazing french fries, you will leave full and happy. They have plenty more to try, so there is always a reason to keep coming back for more.

What About Kabob, Facebook

With the addition of the occasional band and comedy shows, this place will keep you entertained as well. In fact, one of the owners is one of Tyler's rising stars in comedy.

Alexis Nartia and her husband, Joey Nartia, opened What About Kabob almost a year ago now. After things began to really get going for the eatery, Alexis wanted to try something else to help the culture and night scene of Tyler grow. She will be performing her comedy act at the Liberty Hall this Saturday. With a troop of funny guys preforming with her, this show will be a great way to spend the weekend. This mom and restaurant owner will make you laugh your socks off. Come out to the LOL at the Liberty show downtown, but before you go get some eats at What About Kabob.

I cannot stress enough how much you need to swing by and grab an O.G. or one of their other tasty creations. Go now and enjoy. By the way, they also serve a mean breakfast. Really, there is no excuse to miss out on one of Tyler's mouthwatering gems.