You know you see those things from time to time that make you say, "Only in East Texas?"  I had one of those moments yesterday afternoon driving through Chandler on Highway 31.

It was about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, and I was driving 55 mph (the speed limit!) and passed the Kidd Jones gas station on the right. Any other day, you'd see people pumping gas and going into the convenience store but there was something that caught my eye along with my wife's at the same time.

In addition to the regular customers pumping gas and getting a snack in the store, a Smith County Sheriff's car was there on the far outside pump.  I guess their cars run out of gas, too, and the deputy has to get gas, but the thing that caught our eye was that he had a prisoner with him walking across the parking lot from the store to the car.

This prisoner was dressed in a yellow-ish jumpsuit, handcuffed and shackled and he was shuffling across the parking lot back to the car.

My wife and I, right about the same time, asked, "Did you see that?" Yes! We both thought about it at the same time too, "Only in East Texas!"

It was a bit hilarious to see this, but I'm guessing the deputy couldn't leave the prisoner in the car alone while he went inside to pay for gas because the prisoner could have unlocked the doors and escaped.

So I'm wondering, what is your "Only in East Texas" story? Leave me your story in the comment section below and I might talk about some of them on the air!