Oprah still has the magic of surprise! While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, she surprised a random audience member by giving her the gift of a new car!

Oprah showed off some of her acting skills though before giving away the car because she and Jimmy were talking about her role in the new movie starring Forest Whitaker, 'Lee Daniels' The Butler' and she interrupted Jimmy by fanning herself and kept saying that she was "getting that feeling" and just couldn't help herself. Oprah then picks a woman out of the audience at random to come up on stage where she tells her "You get a car"! Confetti falls and Jimmy repeats a couple of times saying "But we don't have a car!".

Once the lady sees the car Jimmy asked Oprah how often do you get that feeling to just give away a car. She said "every once in a while, especially if I skip lunch!"

Then almost as if nothing happened, she continues talking about the new movie that opened today.