'Oprah's Favorite Things' has become somewhat of a staple for the talk show host. Every year fans watched as she surprised her audiences with her favorite things for that year. She has given away cars, trips, books, food, and more to lucky members of the audience. Well when her talk show went off the air, many were afraid that her 'favorite things' would be no more. Well, Oprah had the surprise of a lifetime for a handful of women to kick start 'Oprah's Favorite Things: 2012'.

The first recipients of the loot on her Favorite Things collection, which were featured in the TV special and the December issue of O: The Oprah Magazine: 30 military wives and one husband whose daily sacrifices make them as heroic as the spouses they support. They reacted as anyone else would when finding out they were the recipients of her favorite things. As Oprah kept telling them - no one deserves it more.