At Christmas my boyfriend and assemble his Original Snow Village collection in the living room of his house. His collection began when he was a child and would create a village each Holiday season with his family, and now it's a tradition that we started together last year and has continued to grow.

I was a rookie last year. I had seen only a handful of Snow Villages, and was unsure how to begin constructing one. With his help, I stumbled my way through last year's assembly and we created a nice village.

This year we added more houses and buildings and increased the size of our little village. It is quite a process. Over about three days we rearranged furniture, brought in banquet tables, shelving and boxes to create the terrain, and started placing houses.

Once we decided where each would be placed, then we ran electrical cords. The electrical cords are tricky. We decided to employ a remote control this year, so we used extension cords and multi-light strings to make the job easier. Next we coated the tables in snow blankets and placed the buildings. With the buildings in place, we added landscaping and accessories.

Here it is our Original Snow Village 2013:

We really enjoy our village, and it's common for us to ask each other, "Which one is your favorite?" The answer sometimes changes from night to night... though a certain few usually make the list.

Do you have a favorite? I'd love to know which you like you best. Comment below!