Today is my sister's 18th birthday. And after 18 birthdays, Christmases, and every other gift giving holiday, I started to run out of ideas of gifts to give her. I wanted to be really creative this year, and give her something that she won't lose or won't like. I wanted to give her something she will always remember. And with the help of American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, I think I succeeded.

My sister is a die hard American Idol fan. She loves Phillip Phillips and just melts when his song comes on Mix. When I heard that Phillip was going to be coming to the Mix Lounge, I automatically knew that getting him to sing "Happy Birthday" to her would be a gift that she would cherish forever. And I would officially be the best big sister in history.

The surprise went off without a hitch, except for the fact that he didn't know her name. But my loud singing took care of it, as you will hear in the video. My apologies. My sister cried her way through the song and was so shocked that the whole thing is probably just a big blur. Luckily for her, I caught it on camera.

Big shout out to Phillip Phillips for being freaking awesome and not minding singing "Happy Birthday" to a stranger, and making me the best sister ever. Happy birthday sissy!