The video for Pink's song "Blow Me One Last Kiss" can be described as vintage.  The video is shot in black and white, but red spills over the monochromed video several times and was directed by Dave Myers, who has worked with Pink since 2000.

Its reminiscent of a French romance film as the video opens with French credits and features Pink all glammed up in a couture period dress enjoying the company of her on screen romance until he takes a phone call at the worst time and she ends up throwing a glass of red wine in his face.

Later in the video, the same guy proposes to another girl that Pink is doing the tango with and she ends up at the wedding and is pleased when the white wedding is ruined when the skies open up and rain red.

I think Pink looks great at the beginning of the video with her curly short blonde hair, but then also looks good in the tango dance scene too in the Annie Lennox style men's suit with her hair slicked back.

"Blow Me One Last Kiss" is from Pink's upcoming album The Truth About Love that will be available September 18th.

Watch Pink's video below - CAUTION - explicit language in video.