Remember the days when Mom and Dad asked you to make a Christmas list? You'd write down a list of wants and must-haves that you hoped Santa would place under the tree on Christmas morning. Once I progressed past my teenage years, when my parents would a request a list I never felt right about giving them one.

I still have a difficult time giving someone an answer when ask, 'What do you want for Christmas?' But I think I may have found a solution, Pinterest.

As I was scrolling through the popular board the other day, and pinning different items that I liked to my various boards, style, cosmetics, hair it occurred to me that I could create a wish-list board.

It would be a board filled with items that I would love to receive as a gift, but that would be too frivolous for me to purchase for myself. Then when Mom and Dad ask the question, I can just send them the link.

Logically this is genius, if I pin items correctly then visitors will know exactly what I desire. The pin would contain all pertinent information: color and size of whatever it is - taking the guess work out of the equation. It's also something that I will be doing anyway - enjoying looking at pretty things on Pinterest.

Maybe it seems a little selfish, but realize I am not expecting anything from it - it's just a guide or place start if someone wants to purchase a thoughtful gift.

Additionally, if you are looking unique gift ideas for loved ones, check their boards or search for gift ideas - there are some really interesting items pinned everyday and a lot that can be ordered online directly from the pins.

There are also great ideas for making your own Christmas gifts as well. It's a great place to start if you're stuck this holiday season.