Being on deployment while in the military means a lot of time away from family and many times these military men and women miss milestones with their families, their children and their spouses. When returning home from active duty or just a quick break for a few days, time with family is very important.

Master Sergeant Joseph Martel was able to pull off a huge surprise to his son because he returned home from deployment about a month earlier than he was scheduled to. Martel's wife was in the big surprise but how he surprised his son was awesome. A little warning before watching this video though, you might need some tissue because you're most likely going tear up.

I can't imagine what it's like for military families at this time of the year, I can only imagine how hard it is. If you are a serving in our military, I'd like to thank you for your service and for defending our country and all of the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. And for those military families that are here without their mom, dad, brother, sister, child or friend - thank you too for sacrificing.

I only wish that all returning military members could experience the welcome parties that are thrown at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport in Tyler and Gregg County Airport in Longview and have reunions like this one.