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Butterbeer Ice Cream? Yes, Please!
Harry Potter enthusiasts can add a new item to their to do list when traveling to the Harry Potter Theme parks on both coasts, butterbeer flavored ice cream.
100 Years Old and Still Running Strong
Some in the prime of our life are not runners, so it's incredibly cool to see someone who has reached the centennial mark, still running. Meet Orville Rogers.
Did Mary Poppins Attend Hogwarts?
Two fantasy worlds collide in this though provoking video. Suspend reality for a moment, and ponder with us. Could Mary Poppins have attended Hogwarts?
Bugged By Mosquitoes? We May Know Why
I've always kept bug spray at the house, and tried utilizing fragrant plants around the patio area of my backyard to keep them at bay as well, but it never fails - I get eaten alive.