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Which is Luckier, Quick Picks or Fortune Cookie Numbers?
So, we didn't win the Mega Millions or the Powerball last weekend, and it's probably because we didn't play those numbers from inside our fortune cookies. Someone studied this, and figured out just how lucky those little numbers actually are. Better than Quick Picks!
This May Become Your New Favorite Blue Bell Flavor
It may quickly become your new favorite Blue Bell flavor, and it may also be really hard to find. We're on the hunt for Blue Bell's Mardi Gras King Cake ice cream, so let us know where you see it!
Make Good Use of Those Amazon Boxes
We did more online shopping than ever before in December, and that might mean stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes taking up space in the garage now.

Get rid of the boxes and help some folks with this win-win idea. Just fill them up with things you were going to donate to charity anyway, and the …
Eat These Immune Boosting Foods to Power Through Flu Season
It doesn't take long for the flu to work its way through the house or the office and knock people out, but if we eat certain foods we'll say healthy and and win the battle. Citrus and berries are good, and dark chocolate will give us a boost too.
Eat These Foods for Luck on New Year's Day
It's not just Black-eyed Peas that are supposed to bring us good luck on New Year's Day. If you love to grill, throw a pork butt on the smoker too! What else should we eat to have a fantastic 2018? We've got the secrets.
Restaurants That Are Open on Christmas Day
If you don't really feel like cooking after unwrapping all of those Alexa devices and Fingerlings on Christmas morning, you'll have plenty of options for going out.
An East Texas Doctor Performs Historic Surgery in Africa
One East Texas doctor is very quietly having a huge impact on thousands of people several continents away, and recently performed a milestone 30-thousandth surgery aboard Africa's Mercy Ship. Those folks can see, thanks to him!