Kayla Slone and her husband live in the town of Logan, West Virginia. And while Kayla works as a Walmart cashier, her dreams go much further. But she knows she has to do what she can to pay the bills. But it looks like that may all be changing thanks to her own customers.

It all started on January 25th when a customer overheard Kayla singing at work. She was blown away by the uniqueness and star quality of her voice and recorded her. The video was posted on YouTube and automatically went viral. Kayla started singing in the check out line, the break room, by displays, and whenever shes asked. People are waiting in long check out lines just to hear her sing and get her autograph.Who knew Walmart could be a stage for you to show your talents?

This girl is sensational. Her voice is unique and has that old country quality that we haven't seen since Dolly and Loretta. Her video is being shown all over the nation and there is no doubt we will hear more from her in the future.