Steven Tyler has announced he will be giving up his judge's chair on American Idol to focus on playing with Aerosmith, according to multiple Internet reports.

The Aerosmith released this statement as part of the announcement in pure Steven Tyler fashion:

After some long......hard......thoughts…I’ve decided it’s time for me to let go of my mistress ‘American Idol’ before she boils my rabbit. I strayed from my first love, AEROSMITH, and I’m back – but instead of begging on my hands and knees, I got two fists in the air and I’m kicking the door open with my band. The next few years are going to be dedicated to kicking some serious ass – the ultimate in auditory takeover… On Nov 6, we are unleashing our new album, Music from Another Dimension on the Earth, Moon, Mars, and way beyond the stars…’Idol’ was over the top fun, and I loved every minute of it…Now it’s time to bring Rock Back. ERMAHGERD.”

He was even able to reference "Fatal Attraction" in his statement. Typical Steven Tyler.

Steven Tyler judged the show for two seasons, often captivating the audiences with his inappropriate quips about female contestants, cursing and other antics.

Who should replace Steven Tyler, especially since Jennifer Lopez told NBC's 'Today' she might be leaving the show, too?

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