chris brown

Chris Brown Goes on Another Twitter Rant
Chris Brown came under fire on Twitter for his 2009 assault on Rihanna. It's 2012. Apparently a certain writer just got the memo about the infamous pre-Grammy bustup and picked a fight with the notoriously temperamental tweeter.
Chris Brown Is a Model Now. No, Really.
It's now apparent that trying to book 'America's Next Top Model' winners isn't the only herculean task with which Wilhelmina Models is saddled. But this time around, they brought the pain upon themselves -- because they've signed Chris Brown.
Yes, as a model.
Rihanna Says Chris Brown Is ‘Dope’
Rihanna and Chris Brown have gotten tons of tabloid mileage out of the ginned-up drama surrounding their rumored reconciliation -- and if her live Facebook interview yesterday (Nov. 8) is any indication, we're going to keep seeing "are they or aren't they" stories about t…

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