Are Husbands Better Cooks Than Wives?
Rachel Ray is probably the best cook in her family. Not that her husband is bad, but she's got the TV show to prove it. Ladies, on a regular basis, does your husband out-cook you? Many women say yes! Why?
Can You Cook Like Julia — I am going to try
Okay, on Sunday night I watched "Julia and Julie" and just loved it. I also made the decision that I am going to turn into a reliable cook. I love to do it -- but it doesn't always turn out so great!  (Seriously ask my kids!).
I went out and bought the "Art of French Cooking" a…
4 Amazing Fruit Cutting Videos
The web recently became enraptured by this video of a lady cutting up a pineapple with a hypnotizing, clever method. Decorative fruit cutting is the next big thing, you know. Catch the wave!
Below, our friend with the pineapple and 3 other incredible feats of fruit sculpture: