Where To Vote In East Texas
Its been dominating the news for months now, the Presidential election! Tuesday, November 8th a President elect will be picked by the American people and sworn into office January 20, 2017! Before that happens though we've got to get out there and vote for your favorite candidate - whether they…
Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Cast’s Attack Ads [AUDIO]
A lot of American's are at the polls today casting their ballot in the latest election and before heading to the polls they were all subjected to some form of negative attack ads, so the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show created their own political attack ads to attack each other!
Pregnant Woman Votes, Then Has Baby
If you didn’t vote yesterday or during the early voting period in Texas, what was your excuse? Was it because you couldn’t find the time, or because the voting precincts were too far out of your way? Maybe voting was just too big of a hassle. Well take the unbelievable efforts of these folks into co…
It’s Election Day; Your Vote Counts, So Cast It
It's been a long road for the candidates and that road ends this evening. They've been out there pounding the pavement, shaking hands, debating, hanging up their political signs all in an effort to swing the votes in their favor. Although in my case, I've never once shook the hands of a candidate, I…

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