J-Si Bullied In Miami [AUDIO]
Before returning home from their family vacation in Miami, J-Si, Jenna and George (head guy behind the scenes of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show) stayed an extra day to attend an industry party where something very interesting happened on the way to the event in a hotel elevator.
Elevator Prank Now Involves A Coffin [VIDEO]
I just love a good prank! Whether they're played on someone else or me they are great especially when they're caught on video where you can relive the moment of surprise and see the reaction over and over, it's just priceless. A few weeks ago, a Brazilian TV show pranked unsuspecting passengers in a…
Blonde vs. Escalator
We have all had those days, when nothing is going right. This poor blonde is trying, no struggling to make it to the second floor. You have to give her some kind of props because she was dead set on making it to the top and succeeded.