Kids Destroy House With Bag of Flour [VIDEO]
“Oh my gosh,” is all the poor mom in this video can say after emerging from a trip to the bathroom and finding out that her one-year-old and her three-year-old have completely covered the house in a five-pound bag of flour. Maybe they were just trying to help redecorate.
Should 3 Year Olds Sing ‘Super Bass’
First Barbie has tattoos -- now we have wee little girls singing Nicki Minaj's single "Super Bass." Stop and actually listen to the lyrics they are pretty provocative and suggestive.
Have to admit I smiled when I watched the girls ham it up for the camera -- and what self confidence -- but…
Urgent Care Facilities Available In East Texas
urgent care kansas city, Flickr
This time of year brings beautiful weather, changing leaves, and unfortunately were more prone to get sick. While we should be doing everything we can to prevent getting sick, sometimes we just cant help it
Newborn Baby in Texas Weighs a Staggering 16 Pounds [VIDEO]
In a story that's making mothers everywhere say "ow," a Texas woman has given birth to a 16-pound baby that's already two-feet tall -- the height of an average one-year-old.
JaMichael Brown, nicknamed "The Moose" by hospital staff, was delivered by C-section (whew!) last Friday to…

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