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Gas is Cheap in Texas
Some of the cheapest gas in the country is right here in Texas. Under two bucks a gallon is nice, but it's creeping up on us now.
Gas Prices Are Unbelievably Low
For more than three months now East Texans have received a huge break at the pump because of falling gas prices. I for one can say I'm really liking these lower gas prices because three and a half months ago I was paying $75 to $80 every week and a half to two weeks to fill up my truck where no…
Lower Gas Prices = More Traveling and More Gifts? [POLL]
Just about everyone is rejoicing with lower gas prices (except if you own a gas station). Prices have fallen considerably since the summer, when gas was around $3.39 to now $2.59 a gallon. I've even noticed a big change in the total at the pump when I go to fill up my truck and I appreciate it …
Holiday Travelers Get the Gift of Lower Gas Prices
Have you driven by a Tyler gas station lately and done a double take to make sure you're not seeing things? Prices at some stations have dropped below the $3 mark. It seems odd to cheer for gas, but it kinda makes ya wanna say, "Woohoo!" Especially if you're traveling for Christmas.
In mid …
Gas is Cheap in Tyler — At Least By Comparison
Sure, California has its benefits. The weather is gorgeous, movie stars abound and there are plenty of hotties walking up and down the street.
But how can anyone afford to live there? Be glad you live in East Texas, where drivers are enjoying some of the cheapest gas in the country. Believe it!
Lower Gas Prices Mean More Travelers On The Road [POLL]
Gas prices here in East Texas were around $3.82 in mid-April and now two and a half months later prices have fallen around $0.70 here in East Texas.  Now, don't get me wrong $3.15 a gallon is still on the high side for gas, but it's cheaper than it was a couple of months ago and with lower gas price…

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