Gaga Arrived By Zip Line [VIDEO]
Lady Gaga kicked off the Good Morning America Concert Series Friday morning by arriving on stage via a zip line! Some die hard Little Monsters had lined up 2 days in hopes of getting the best view. She arrived to the stage to perform Bad Romance by a zip line that had her flying over the crowd.
The RoyaL Wedding Is Friday
You can't turn the tv on without seeing a promo about the Royal Wedding or go through the check out line at the grocery store without seeing something about it as a headline on a tabloid magazine.  Whether you love it or hate all the hoopla, the Royal Wedding is happening Friday!
Lady Gaga To Kick Off GMA Concert Series
Monday, May 23rd Lady Gaga will be releasing her long awaited album Born This Way and later that week she will be kicking off Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series.  Gaga will be taking over New York's Central Park on Friday, May 27th.

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