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These Are the Most Haunted Houses in America
Tales of some of the greatest American hauntings emerge this time every year that serve as a darkened overtone to the season of the witch and All Hallows Eve. Frightening stories from the eccentric lunacies of William Winchester’s widow to the infamous Lizzie Borden murders all come to mind when one…
Halloween is Scary — Oh, That’s the Point!
My spouse and I have been together for 14 years, and at points along the way I've mentioned not being particularly fond of the scary parts of Halloween. So by now it should be known right?
I like the cute parts of Halloween! Like the cute, cuddlely kid costumes and the nice, harmless pumpkins.
Top 5 Haunted Houses in Tyler And Longview
terrornightshaunt, flickr
It's that time of year again. Time to soil yourself all for the sake of 'All Hallows Eve'. Seriously, I am probably one of the biggest chickens around. Going to my car late at night gives me the creeps but, every year my friends drag me along to a haunted h…

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